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Name :daniel robbind2017-6-11 11:45:07
Content :looking f a good reliable source moneys not the issue just dont want to be ripped off taken f a ride we could do plenty of business togetherin
Reply : Thanks for your inquiry,we have done this business for more than 4years,we hope we can start a good steady business thanks
Name :devaris jones2017-2-20 16:46:29
Content :hey hows it going im writing you guys to see who can i speak to on pricing f me then two kits
Reply : hi we will email you from thanks
Name :gary tayl2017-1-31 11:58:37
Content :please tell me the difference in all the coled tops. i was hoping to buy hgh liquid. do you sell that? how do i buy?
Reply : we only sell them in powder.and for color they are just different tops,thanks
Name :linz will2017-1-19 10:43:38
Content :how long is shipping
Reply : it often take one week thanks
Name :linz will2017-1-19 10:41:50
Content :is all your hgh still instock
Reply : yes all of them are ok now thanks
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